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Elevation exploits its specific experience in the commercial building industry and expertise to get the job done on time and on budget. At Elevation, our team of professionals specialize in Commercial Building & Commercial Renovations. We provide a complete line of architectural services and consultancy for large-scale or small-scale construction projects. Our team grasp the diversified Canadian construction marketplace with a broad range of delivery models and services and also has successfully managed a variety of projects all across the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton region, Niagara Falls region and more with excellent results.

Elevation understands the demanding nature of lease initiation dates and getting renters into commercial, retail, and restaurant buildings on time. Our clients appreciate our capability to consistently bringing results while building to the superior quality and with the greatest commitment to safety as well as client satisfaction.

At Elevation, our proficient professionals have refined an intense understanding of the complexities frequent to the markets, which has polished our talents to efficiently manage even the most complex projects. Commercial projects are known for their hectic schedules and changing requirements. Elevation perceives that “timely procurement of project and quality is everything” and we carefully work with stakeholders and their consultants to professionally handle adjustments while maintaining the original schedule.

Motivated by our purpose of Building in Better Manner, our approach starts from large, complex projects to small, tenant improvements, we use every tool in our company to deliver results that exceed customers’ specifications.


Custom builds can become frustrating if not planned properly; from initial sketches to final construction and move-in, we take a truly innovative approach to home design and construction by listening first and focusing on creating efficient and sustainable spaces that meet homeowner’s stringent demands and ensure their home continues to grow in value. In the end a quality built home that families love is the greatest referral we can get.

Elevation is an expert in construction for-rent and for-sale multi-family projects ranging from low-rise to mid-rise, to high-rise. The shift in consumer demographics has changed demand for multifamily residential projects, including consumers’ preference to remain flexible in their lifestyles. Flexibility is key and is why Elevation stays abreast of the latest trends and scenarios in the market, such as creative solutions based on the evolution and promotion of alternative solutions. Elevation understands the competitiveness of the market and the need to provide sustainable solutions that will appeal to the ever-changing resident current as well as future generations.

Elevation works closely with all the stakeholders to clarify the design of the buildings and interior layouts in lineup with construction. Elevation’s enduring capability to lead its team through compelling changes assured that the building is completed on time and on budget for the tenants to move and use. Project management team of our company measures the initial budget established on the proper specification and worked in partnership with the owner and consultants to complete a building without any delay in schedule and within financial resources. Elevation is responsible for all the coordination of these custom finishes and provided an exceptional level of service to the individual purchasers.

Elevation is well-versed in building many different types of residential facilities from skilled house to assisted living, independent living cottages and multi-building campuses with full amenities. Maintaining the continuum of care is the most important factor for your residents. Our team understands high-quality residential care often involves unique licensing and code requirements specific to the market.


Whether it’s the ultimate man cave in the basement, the dream kitchen, a home theatre room, a brand-new bathroom or just a little project you have been thinking about, Elevations Developments has what it takes to get the job done properly, efficiently and on time. Our professional team will work with you from the inception of the project to the very end to make sure the finished product is exactly as you anticipated. Renovations from the basic to the most complex, Elevation procures specialist services to assure that every project is completed to the highest standards and required specifications.

Elevation’s building renovation team offers you a broad group of expert services to retrofit, repurpose, or renew your property. Our team brings together cost-effective and worth it solutions, creative design, and high quality building systems to help you transform your aging and dated property into the modern structure, with the attractive characteristic and crucial to attracting high-quality clients.

Elevation makes all kinds of indoor and outdoor work. It is a reliable partner to restore your property. We always aim to fulfil your expectations and requirements. Converting your assets with the help of our renovation experts allows you to transform your assets for more efficient use both now and into the future. A multitude of high quality services is offered at competitive price for almost all your restoration, building work and maintenance projects.

A cost effective method to extend a building’s lifespan at the same time keeping the client’s ability to stay current and modern in an ever-changing market. Each renovation project is unique and has specification of work requirements, Elevation has the knowledge and experience required to complete these challenging projects. Each project has many sudden circumstances that require resilient problem solving skills in a fast-paced environment. Elevation takes an all-inclusive approach in determining how to use a building’s existing structure, systems, and envelope to ultimately deliver lower operating costs, enhance tenant comfort, and improve sustainability. Elevation works with you to assemble an experienced team of design professionals, engineers, consultants, and tenant advisors, seasoned in the demands of urban renovation projects to provide you with effective solutions that manage complexities and technical risks.

Project Management

Given the multi-faceted nature of construction, innovation and integration is what it’s all about. Who you choose to have on your team is crucial to success and our consultants have the experience and expertise to provide seamless planning and execution. We will collaborate with you to tackle the day-to-day responsibilities while still focusing on the big picture.

Elevation is experienced in a wide array of project types, which makes us the favored choice for Owner, Developer, Consultant and all the stakeholders in Project Management. Elevation has an exclusive strategy of Construction Management including tendering, organizing, team forming, reporting, monitoring, cost control, risk management, safety precautions and quality assurance to meet all of our client’s specifications and individual requirements. Through an unique method, we strategically control the five key areas of Schedule Management, Quality Control, Sustainable Flexibility, and Cost and Risk.

Elevation is able to offer Total Project Control from the very initiation of the project. Elevation offers efficient and creative solutions to satisfy the specification of every project on which we have the opportunity to work on. Project delivery identified by collaboration between the owner, consultant(s) and a construction manager (CM) to inspect the procurement process of services for qualifying expert’s team, trades and vendors and eventually, the site work. When delivering a project using the effective management technique Elevation serves as your support in every step of the way. We create a team environment among all stakeholders which will enable a collaborative atmosphere to achieve exceptional building solutions and the highest quality outcome. It is our job to assure your project is completed on time, within budget, safely and with the highest level of quality.

When delivering a project using the effective management technique Elevation serve as your support in every step of the way. We create a team environment among all stakeholders which will enable a collaborative atmosphere to achieve exceptional building solutions and a highest quality outcome. It is our job to assure your project is completed on time, within budget, safely and with the highest level of quality.


Institutional building commonly indicates to any structure that is responsible for a role related to public and whole community’s healthcare, education or recreational works. The Elevation team expertises in this field of work build everything from hospitals and elementary schools to gymnasium facilities and university buildings. Because every institutional building is unique, there is no true “one size fits all” approach to institutional building. Design-build teams carefully consider elements such as safety and fire protection, community access to the site, building aesthetics, and adherence to local regulations. By carefully considering how these buildings will be used on a day-to-day basis, they ensure that the design and aesthetics will allow the structure to have a positive impact on the community.

Healthcare Facilities

Medical procedures and practices have evolved dramatically over the past decade. Leading-edge technological medical clinics, pharmacies, dental offices, physio offices and medical centres will be required in all healthcare facilities. A single healthcare construction project often involves proper team, ranging from designers, contractors, subcontractors, building materials suppliers and other vendors. Elevation’s take on extra responsibility when it comes to designing of drawings and planning phase to execution of construction is underway at healthcare facilities. Healthcare construction projects present several challenges that have the potential to affect patient safety. Using a combination of technical knowledge, practical solutions and training, patient satisfaction will rise and the medical staff and visitors will have a favorable experience during these unusual conditions as well as in all kind of permits and legal authorization assistance will be provided by us in each and every phases.

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